Someone wise once told us:

'You don't get permanently well, unless you change the way you live!'

Simple, yet quite a difficult task living in todays times.

With our parents growing up in the 50's, it was a time when folks really appreciated the health benefits which raw whole foods and home cooked meals were able to provide. Fast forward to today, and the food industry is littered with unhealthy, fast, processed food options at every turn of the corner.

As a result, our healthy food choices have diminished, and we are getting bigger, more lethargic, and everyone we know has some or other chronic disease. Our bodies have grown defenseless against sickness with our only options being prescription medication, which at the best of time treat the symptoms, and not the root cause.

Well, we believe, food can be medicine too! And what better food source than the living fruits and veggies which come from mother earth herself!

My wife and I got to a point in our lives when we needed to listen to our bodies, my wife also suffering from severe inflammation (RA), and change the course we were on to a more healthier lifestyle. Particularly when it came to our eating habits which we knew that if we didn't, would lead to nothing but more unhappiness. We believe that keeping the body in good health is a duty, and we need to fill it with the right type of fuel that will keep the mind clean and focused on goals.

In short, we needed a Reboot on the inside!

After watching 'Fat, sick and nearly dead' (Joe Cross), we felt we knew what we had to do and never looked back since.

Juicing is part of our lives now, and we truly feel amazing!

But it didn't stop there, because we truly believe that everyone needs to juice, in order to reset the body and nourish it in the most natural way possible. And we're not talking about the store bought ones which are processed, full of preservatives, and full of added sugars!

We also know that like us, most people lead incredibly busy lives, making it even more difficult to get healthy food options incorporated into their daily diets.

This is why we decided to embark on this journey together, because we believe everyone should have access to healthy food, quickly, and by providing them with quality juice using cold-press extraction of amazing nutrients from fruits and veggies, we know that we can help make a real difference in peoples lives.

So come on in, have a look at the menu, and start your juice journey!

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The Cleanse Guide

Pre Cleanse


What you do before a detox is important to minimizing the intensity of the potential side effects.

With the detox, you are abstaining from foods which you have eaten all your life and are used to, and therefore the effects of this can bring on discomfort, also knows as ‘detox flu’. If you don’t prepare yourself about a week in advance for your detox, you may experience mood swings as well physical discomfort.

But no stress, there are ways you can decrease the side effects.

DO's (1 week before)

  • Drink lots of water
  • Rest – get 8 hours of sleep each night to help cellular recovery
  • Eat light and incorporate lots of raw fruits, veggies and salads
  • For dairy, start to cut this out completely


  • Cut out Junk food, sugar, fries, other processed foods and meats
  • Cut out Alcohol, nicotine and caffeine
  • Cut out Dairy and gluten
  • Replace old habits with new ones, for example, try decaf coffee in place of regular, then lower the amount of cups per day.
During The Detox Period


You should definitely maintain the following practices throughout the day:

  • Herbal tea or Ginger lemon warm water in the mornings and nights
  • Plenty of water during the day
  • Coconut water is an excellent hydrator
  • Get extra sleep – 8 hours or more
  • Light exercise – Walk, walk, walk…

No Solid Foods

Try not to have any solid foods, and if you have to combine solids, then stick to the following in small portions:

  • Raw, Boiled or Roasted veggies – in that order of preference. Asparagus and Celery are great cleanse agents.
  • Fruits like apples, pears, berries and veg salads
  • Soups (fresh not processed)
  • Smoothies with Isolate Whey or Vegan Whey 
Post Cleanse


Ease into your normal routine and establish new health goals and commit to a healthier lifestyle

Why Juice?

Juicing allows the body to quickly absorb high-quality nutrition, which leads to increased energy levels. Drinking fresh juice is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, purified water, proteins, carbohydrates and chlorophyll.

By juicing your vegetables, it means your body will absorb more of the valuable vitamins and nutrients in your body, than if you tried eating the same amount. You will get the optimum amount and it’s easier to digest.

By juicing you incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet. You can reduce your calorie intake, and still get all your needed nutrients, and water thereby promoting weight loss

The most important enzymes and micronutrients are in raw vegetables and get destroyed by heating and cooking them. So even pasteurized, canned, and jarred vegetable juices are no match for raw juices that are full of nutrients and enzymes.

Juicing feeds every living cell in your body, can strengthen your immune system and regulate your blood sugar and blood pressure. It can increase energy and vitality and it can give you clear, smooth and hydrated skin. It also can help you in weight loss and maintaining your healthy weight.

The juicing process is like rebooting yourself on the inside. It cleanses your body from the inside by flushing out toxins which have built up over time, in particular it helps to clear out the lymphatic highways of toxins.

I juice because I believe that keeping the body in good health is a duty, and above all keeps my mind focused and clear.

I believe that everyone needs to try out juicing themselves, and the main reason is because we live in a time where we have forgotten the benefits of raw food, we live in a time where unhealthy processed foods are literally available on every corner. As a result of these unhealthy food choices, we are getting bigger, have less energy and are much more vulnerable to chronic diseases.


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