Verification: Trust and integrity are key. 💚

To ensure transparency and fairness in the Challenge, participants must verify their starting and ending measurements. Here are the accepted methods of verification:

1. Live Virtual Check-in: Schedule a live video call with a MyGo Juice representative to take and record your measurements.

2. Measurement Video: Record a video of you taking your measurements. Make sure the tape /scale measure is visible and numbers are clearly legible. The video should be continuous and not edited.

3. Photo with Newspaper Date: Take photos of your measurements with a newspaper showing the date visible in the photo. Ensure the measurement numbers on the tape / scale are clear.

We will contact you for the verification later.

🗓 Challenge Duration: From the 11th September 2023 to the 27th November 2023

Points system and Prizes:

1. CM and Weight Loss Points:

• 1 Point for every 1 CM lost around the waist.

• 10 Points for every 1 KG lost.

(Note: Max weight loss in 11 weeks = 33kg, so max points = 330)

2. Product Purchase Points:

• 5 Points for every single 300ml Juice or Smoothie bought.

• 8 Points for every 350ml Soup bought.

• 15 Points for each Natural Weight Loss Capsule pack.

• 100 Points for every 14-Day Weight Loss Pack.

• 10 Points for any other product in the Reboot cleanse range.

Bonus: Every purchase of the 14-Day Weight Loss Pack enters participants into a lucky draw for a special prize at the end of the challenge.

3. Engagement-10 points for every meaningful post on our Insta page using the hastag #MyGoFitFab

4. Partner Service Points:

• 50 Points for every partner service (to be confirmed) booked and availed during the challenge period.

5. Milestones and Rewards:

• 150 Points: Get a free 300ml juice of choice on your next purchase.

• 300 Points: 10% discount on your next purchase.

6. Check-in Points:

• Interim Check-ins (Every 3 weeks): Participants submit their measurements and weight.

• 20 Points for every timely check-in submission.

• Bonus 10 Points for sharing a photo or non-photo testimonial of the experience so far.

7. Challenge Winners:

• 1st Place: 2-month supply of juice + a free partner service.

• 2nd Place: 1-month supply of juice.

• 3rd Place: 14-Day Weight Loss Pack.

Note: In case of a tie, the participant with the most significant health progress (weight + CM lost) will be the tie-breaker.

8. Special Rewards:

• Participants achieving a 10 KG weight loss by the 6th-week mark will receive a special badge on their account, and a 20% discount on their next purchase.

Flexible Rewards System: Please note that the points system and prize offerings are dynamic and may be adjusted to continually offer you the best experience and rewards. Adjustments will be sent to your chosen communication channel and highlighted on our socials.