The Do’s and Don’ts of Cleansing

What you do before a detox is important to minimizing the intensity of the potential side effects.

With the detox, you are abstaining from foods which you have eaten all your life and are used to, and therefore the effects of this can bring on discomfort, also knows as ‘detox flu’. If you don’t prepare yourself about a week in advance for your detox, you may experience mood swings as well physical discomfort.

But no stress, there are ways you can decrease the side effects.


Cut out Junk food, sugar, fries, other processed foods and meats
Cut out Alcohol, nicotine and caffeine
Cut out Dairy and gluten
Replace old habits with new ones, for example, try decaf coffee in place of regular, then lower the amount of cups per day.

You should definitely maintain the following practices throughout the day:

Herbal tea or Ginger lemon warm water in the mornings and nights
Plenty of water during the day
Coconut water is an excellent hydrator
Get extra sleep – 8 hours or more
Light exercise – Walk, walk, walk…