5 Day Juice Cleanse

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5 Day Cleanse

  • 5 Ginger Shots
  • 30 Cold Pressed Juices

This juice only cleanse for the seasoned juicer will leave you feeling super energized, and helps kickstart your journey to a healthier lifestyle. You start realizing some of the major benefits of regular juicing for example, taste buds are reset, brain function increases and those sugar and salt cravings start to diminish. You should also start to notice a clearer skin, and a stronger immune system.

How to get the most out of your 5 day cleanse (A guide)

You get 6 Juices plus a ginger shot per day.

The Day before. Follow the Pre Clenase Do’s and Dont’s listed under the Learn section of the Cleanse Guide. Stop all over the counter meds, and you wont need to take any vitamin tabs either, except for Vitamin D, especially if this has been prescribed. Continue with all other prescribed medication. Organize your Juices for the day ahead, which are marked with numbers for your added convenience.

Morning. Begin with something warm like a ginger tea, herbal tea or green tea. Or down your MyGo ginger shot provided.

Exercise. Move that body around for 30 mins, until you break a sweat. (Advisable but not essential)

Juice. Go about your daily routine as normal, set an alarm for 2 hour intervals to remind you when to have your next juice. Try not to skip a Juice, keeping your sugar levels balanced throughout the day. Drink plenty of water.

Evening. Try some brisk walking for 30 mins, and have your last juice about 1-2 hours before bed. Your last juice is usually a treat, and something to help get a good nights rest.

Sleep. Switch the phone, tablet and TV off, and go to your happy place. Do whatever you normally would to ease your mind, and get a suggested 8 hours of sleep.

In an emergency. If you get really ‘HANGRY’ (that’s hungry and angry), keep some healthy snacks with you, just in case! I usually go for an AVO with some black pepper, or a fruit like an Orange. Unsalted nuts, seeds or raw/natural energy bars work just as effectively to keep you over until your next juice. But people rarely need these as the Juices (most) have good amounts of insoluble fiber and they tend to fill you up.