My Mzansi Challenge


Heal with The Mzansi Challenge


  • Is a Juice and Food based cleanse
  • All Juices, Soups and Shots provided
  • 3 phase guided plan and cleansing food based recipes
  • Stage 1. Prep your body with the pre-cleanse juice and clean eating menu
  • Stage 2. Dislodge toxins from the liver, gut and organs with the power of Celery and other preservative free Cold Pressed Juices
  • Stage 3. Release toxins from the system naturally
  • There are 3 options available, 5 Day, 10 Day or 14 Day challenge
    • 5 Day includes: 11 Juices, 2 Shots and 1 Soup
    • 10 Day includes: 22 Juices, 4 Shots and 2 Soups
    • 14 Day includes: 32 Juices, 6 Shots and 3 Soups
  • These are options for the Sick and Not so Sick, and can help people with weight issues, fatigue, brain fog or chronic ailments by kick-staring your healing journey
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