1. 7 Day Easy Cleanse

    R 690.00

    7 Day easy Cleanse Includes: 21 Juices, and tried and tested clean eating recipes All Juices delivered Opt-in to be added to our Community cleanse … View Recipe

  2. Immunity kit combo

    R 250.00

    Get a spicy ginger shot with every immunity kit combo & free delivery Includes: Immunity Egyptian Tea x 2 Energiser Green Guru x 2 Revitaliser … View Recipe

  3. Egyptian Tea

    R 33.00

    Egyptian Tea Ingredients  

  4. Spicy Ginger Shot

    R 20.00

    Spicy Ginger shot Ingredients: Ginger Turmeric Lemon Pineapple Cayenne pepper Give yourself a double shot of Wellness

  5. Kids O-Ray

    R 18.00

    125ml Ingredients Carrot Pineapple Orange

  6. Kids Hulk

    R 18.00

    125ml Ingredients Apple Spinach Lemon Mint

  7. Kids Spidey

    R 18.00

    125ml Ingredients Apple Beet Pineapple

  8. Charcoal Lemonade

    R 33.00

    Charcoal Lemonade Ingredients  

  9. Reboot 2020

    R 299.00

    Reboot 2020 Includes: 8 Cold Pressed Juices 1 Cold Pressed Wellness shot 3 Moringa Teas Free healthy vegan ingredients list and eating plan Reset your … View Recipe

  10. Buy Bulk and save

    R 1,800.00

    Buy bulk and save. Mix and match 60 of your fave blends When to drink? Your most convenient GoTo for achieving elevated levels of wellness … View Recipe

  11. Sweety Pie

    R 35.00

    Sweety Pie Ingredients BENEFITS

  12. Super Charger

    R 45.00

    Super Charger Ingredients    

  13. Spice Ninja

    R 33.00

    Spice Ninja Ingredients    

  14. Shield

    R 33.00

    Shield Ingredients    

  15. Oh My Goodness

    R 45.00

    Oh My Goodness Ingredients    

  16. Immunity

    R 37.00

    Immunity Ingredients  

  17. Green Jeenie

    R 35.00

    green jeenie Ingredients    

  18. CitrusC

    R 33.00

    CitrusC Ingredients  

  19. Charcoal Lemonade

    R 33.00

    Charcoal Lemonade Ingredients BENEFITS Activated Charcoal is a natural detoxifier. Helps counter the toxic effects of organic and inorganic poisons from the gastro-intestinal tract. Should … View Recipe

  20. Berry Bliss

    R 40.00

    Berry Bliss Ingredients  

  21. 5 Day Cleanse

    R 1,150.00

    5 Day Cleanse Includes 5 Ginger Shots 30 Cold Pressed juices Description This juice only cleanse for the seasoned juicer will leave you feeling super energized, … View Recipe

  22. 3 Day Cleanse

    R 690.00

    3 Day Cleanse Includes 3 Ginger Shots 18 Cold Pressed juices Description: This juice only cleanse is a great reboot for the more experienced juicer. Also … View Recipe

  23. 1 Day Cleanse

    R 230.00

    1 Day Cleanse Includes 1 Ginger Shot 6 Cold Pressed Juices. Description: This is a juice only cleanse. The one day juice cleanse is great for … View Recipe

  24. Tropical Burst

    R 35.00

    Tropical Burst Ingredients BENEFITS

  25. Revitaliser

    R 33.00

    Revitaliser Ingredients BENEFITS

  26. Soother

    R 35.00

    Soother Ingredients BENEFITS

  27. Energiser

    R 33.00

    Energiser Ingredients BENEFITS

  28. Mean Green

    R 37.00

    Mean Green Ingredients BENEFITS

  29. Glow

    R 37.00

    Glow Ingredients BENEFITS